Momentum: An 8 Week Mastermind for Sex-Positive Professionals

Are you tired of working alone?

Does the idea of getting things done with support and camaraderie excite you?

Ever sit at your desk struggling to finish copy or an email... Just not sure if you're going in the right direction or not in your business?

Spinning your wheels and spending way too much time and effort at your business, while making little or no progress?

Worried about saying something the wrong way and offending someone or driving away customers?

Afraid you're missing vital information about key things going on in the community?

Want to be inspired and supported as you grow personally and develop your business? Get thoughtful feedback from different perspectives and informed peers and experts?

Expand your possibilities, your potential, and your ease as you dive deep... Learn, Share, Create in this brave space of folks who are making a difference and helping customers and clients discover their potential!

All while enjoying a sex-positive, inclusive and accessible environment. 

Stop anchoring that your business is drudgery and loneliness and start creating a sense of expansion, possibility, and got-it-done-can't-wait-to-do-more and share it with my new friends' energy!

The Momentum Plan:
1) Sign up NOW for Momentum!
2) Show up to the calls.
3) Get Shit Done!

Runs for 8-weeks from October 27th, 2021, on Wednesdays from 10pm to 12pm Pacific time.

Take your business to the next level with our 8-week Mastermind!

Networking, hot seating, geeking out, and gaining momentum as sex-positive professionals!

What this Mastermind is Not:

  • This is NOT a course to help you with specific technical/technological issues in specific platforms. (e.g, if you're struggling with Mailchimp setup, you will need to find a different group. However, if you want to discuss best newsletter practices to reach folks on email, we're glad to help!)
  • A replacement for having a therapist.
  • For super beginners, aka Never had a business before and not sure how to start. (Unsure if you're a good fit? Contact [email protected].)
  • A place for people who do not recognize systemic oppression impacts all of us and is important to consider in business.

What this Mastermind is:

  • A brave space to value and share ideas around inclusivity and accessibility.
  • A brave space to be sex-positive and pleasure-focused.
  • A brave space to try out new ideas and concepts and get direct and caring feedback and suggestions.

This Mastermind lets you dive deep into new ideas, get guided feedback on your individual work, and learn new perspectives that will give you awareness, credibility, and some deep connections within the Sex-Positive Educator world!

You will be surprised at how much you grow... In just 8 weeks!

If you need a partial or full scholarship, apply here:

This is for sex-positive (aware and positive about sexual discussions - not necessarily doing sex-focused business) professionals who have done some work in their business and are wanting to take this to the next level. If you are newer to building a business, please reach out to Cathy to see if you have the experience needed for this course. You can reach her at [email protected]


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