The Intimacy Dojo

Breaking Out Of Your Shell! - $67 USD

You know you WANT connection, love, warmth, and laughter... But you're not quite sure how to create it.   E...

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Creating Connections

Finding and Deepening Love, Passion, and Playfulness in Relationships Humans need to love and be loved in order to...

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Body Confidence: A New Relationship with Your Body... A New Engagement with Life

Are you ready?  If you're tired of a steady diet of frustration, negative feelings and low confidence, we're ready t...

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Belonging: The Brave Intimacy of Connecting By Choice

Want to release blocks, fears and resistances to a sense of deep connection and belonging? Ready to understand the nu...

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The Self-Love Game: Audio and Workbook

Get in the Self-Love Game now... And start building a new relationship with yourself, your body and your life. Get t...

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Self-Love Game: Playful Changes Program

Get everything you need to win at loving yourself! Get the worksheet and an audio guiding you through how to use it t...

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3 Mistakes To Avoid Around Body Image

If you want more confidence and delight in life, having a better body image is key.

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Know What You Want... And Know How To Ask for It!!

Discover your yes and what you want, tuning into your inner knowing and aligning with who you want to be so that your...

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Business & Confidence Jump Start!

We want to make sure that you get the foundational guidance and direction to move your business forward... That you r...

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Facilitators Toolbox Online

Normally $397, we're offering a special deal for you... To help you reach more people and make this world more inclus...

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Touch Me Again: Creating Delicious. Conscious Touch That Has People Asking For More! - $37 USD

Most people think they "should" be good at touching... And yet most people feel subconsciously afraid that their touc...

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Momentum III: An 8 Week Mini-Mastermind for Sex-Positive Professionals

Runs for 8-weeks from October 21st, on Wednesday from 1pm to 3 pm pacific. Take your business to the next level with...

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