Know What You Want... And Know How To Ask for It!!

Discover your yes and what you want, tuning into your inner knowing and aligning with who you want to be so that your decisions flow and bring you to delicious, and engaging places.

Be able to articulate your yes and no and asking for what you want… Directing your energy and sharing your desires and delights with others in a way that leave them empowered, and free to co-create!

And negotiating with integrity! Find the win-wins that leave everyone feeling excited. Avoid manipulation and coercion so relationships deepen and grow rather than whither in resentment.

We start with a 2-hour intensive call on Knowing. We'll dive into how to know what you want, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to know yourself.

Asking For What You Want, where we'll help you share with clarity and openness, so others can more easily hear and respond.

We dig deep on negotiation. Not on concurring people, but on the beautiful dance of looking for mutually agreeable interaction.

We include two follow up calls: Being Consent Savvy: Asking without Pushing and Dealing with Disappointment.

Find your authentical alignment, and then a balanced and generously connecting approach to share energy and direction with others!

Each step you take will help you create yourself as the person you've dreamed of being.

Join us now!


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