Business & Confidence Jump Start!

We want to make sure that you get the foundational guidance and direction to move your business forward... That you reach those people who need what you teach best.

And that you also get to access that unique community support that grows out of peers making progress, working together on shared goals.  

Having created things from scratch, we know how much time can be wasted, how much courage squandered, if there isn't good direction. 

So we'll help you tune into your heart, your passion, find your voice, and learn some of the core teaching from Camp, so you can make a difference and reach more people, while making a living!
The program will start mid-April. Each week, you'll have a key video from 2017's Camp archives to watch on the topic. And then we'll have an hour call, where I'll guide you through the process as you apply it to your own business and career, with plenty of time to answer your questions and cheer you on.
You'll be able to post on the Facebook group or in the course portal to get feedback on whatever you worked on. 
While we won't have s'mores to cook or a beautiful stream to play in this year, we will have community, networking and support. 
And, don't worry if you still want to go to Camp next year... Many people come several years in a row, and fine tune and upgrade these steps each year. You'll have a head start on next year’s camp, Camper! 
Week 1: Who Should I Be Working With?
Ideal Clients/Happiest Demographic
Problems to solve/they have
Tune into your passion and how it can reveal who your best clients are!
Week 2: How Should I Be Teaching AND Reaching Them?
Teaching and Media Style
Learn how finding your style can save you from burnout and make your business more authentic and easier.
Week 3: How Do I Make That Into a Paycheck?
Revenue streams
Understand how revenue can be generate more easily and map out your best practices for your business!
Week 4: What Do I Tell Them? 
Using Story To Build Connection... And Finding YOUR Story
Week 5: Show Me The Money!
Funnels- free to sales
A.B.E. - Always Be Educating!
Discover the language marketers use so you can build powerful relationships outside the sex-geek bubble and reach people who are hungry for what you teach, and learn how to be authentic as you go.
Learn a simple approach that makes sales LOTS easier, and figure out how to set prices that leave you well funded and your clients delighted!
Week 6: Word of Mouth While You Sleep
Explore how you can reach your ideal clients while you sleep... And build lasting connections with people all over the world!
Week 7: Never Sell! Never Shame! The Power of Informed, Consensual, Empowering Invitations to Buy
Sales and Promo Copy/making sales/resistance
Uncover your secret powers to write copy that inspires and encourages... And release fears around making sales!
Week 8: Turning Your Revenue Stream into a Revenue River!
Stocking River
Map out your product and teaching portfolio so you can reach more people in a easy to follow way, teach what you love, and make money while you sleep!
We'll also give you the Essential Checklists to help you move forward
As a bonus…
Week 9: Bio Writing For Sex Positive Professionals! ($197 value!)

A special, bonus call where you get to develop your professional bio (or upgrade the one you have), so you have confidence, credibility and clarity for your clients!


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