Extraordinary Facilitators Academy

Monthly Exploration, Inspiration, Networking and Hotseats to Help You Transform Lives, Support Your Creativity, and Serve Your Clients with Ease and Abundance.

Monthly Q&A and Networking.

  • Find your community. 
  • Troubleshoot issues and learn how to deal with challenging attendees, speakers and other organizers.
  • Share ideas and get feedback and inspiration.
  • Resources, worksheets, guidelines, and cheatsheets!
  • Guest Speakers and Calls from your organizers on areas of expertise.
  • Pricing tips and costs.
  • Dealing with refund requests and cancellations.
  • Brainstorming workshop topics and titles and framing classes.
  • Creating Copy that Brings them in- interactive.
  • Building content and frameworks to wow your audience and have them quoting you to their friends.
  • Ideas for filling seats and getting marketing partners.
  • How to market sex-positive material on social media and email.
  • Lots more! We'll build calls that reflect your wants and asking!

Join the League of Extraordinary Facilitators as we support each other and learn from top experts to grow our skills, fine-tune our copy, attract the people who are dying to learn from us, and discover ways to make the whole process more fun, more valuable and lots easier (and abundant)!

Each month you will get:

  1. A 2-hour workshop with various speakers, with time for interaction and filling in worksheets. 
  2. AND get a 2-hour (up to 2-hours based on participation) Q&A and hot seat session with the organizers and your peers.
  3. A private portal with the best of previous call recordings, handouts, and a place to leave comments, ask for help from your peers, and share with others.

Calls will be scheduled either at 1pm pacific or 5pm pacific and will be roughly distributed 50-50 at those times. 

Either get a 14 day free trial and then $33/month
Get 6 months and save over $50!

Our first call will be Thursday, August 13th at 1pm pacific and will cover Dealing With Challenging Attendees!

Created by TheIntimacyDojo.com and EverydayTantra.com


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