Belonging: The Brave Intimacy of Connecting By Choice

Want to release blocks, fears and resistances to a sense of deep connection and belonging? Ready to understand the nuances of belonging and creating a sense of being part of connection, with a warmth, delight and ease?

With this intensive workshop and guided introspective exploration... Gain new power and understanding of your unique desires, while getting access to the love and insights that allow Conscious Connection. Learn to create an elegant dance with those you choose to engage with, those who fulfill you deeply.

Don't be left out in the cold, feeling alone and isolated anymore.

Join us for an additional 2 hour intensive on Sunday July 8th from 11am to 1pm pacific, followed by support calls and videos to anchor and ease your creation.

We'll help you melt the walls that keep you from the warmth you long for... And create a sense of safety and ease as you flow and choose your levels of intimacy... day by day, person by person, connection by connection. 

This course is normally $97, but for the first group joining us, its only $47.


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