Facilitators Toolbox Online

Normally $397, we're offering a special deal for you... To help you reach more people and make this world more inclusive, more connected, and to help more people discover their authentic expression and their unique pleasure.

Join us online for a deep dive into Facilitation. Recordings and handouts will also be available after in an online portal. 

We have an awesome lineup for you! 

Conscious, authentic educators with:

  • 100's of thousands of hours of facilitating and teaching,
  • International experience,
  • From hour-long online classes to multi-day, in-person sleep away events,
  • Diverse audiences and topics.

You will learn:

  •  How to identify your core passion and 
  • Create an event, workshop or class based on what you love, 
  • Design an experience you'll love throwing, and that will have people raving and asking for tickets to your next offering,
  • Create a FAQ and other information so you spend less time answering routine questions and more time doing the deeper work.
  • Market that event in powerful and authentic ways,
  • Collaborate with clear agreements and track your money,
  • Leverage your live classes for passive income and deeper engagement.
  • And we'll talk about how you can be inclusive, accessible, and empowering for people irrespective of gender, race, sexual expression, and ability. 

If you're ready to touch people's lives and inspire them with your knowledge, inspiration, and insights, and make more money while working effectively and with a clear plan, join us now! 


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