Body Confidence: A New Relationship with Your Body... A New Engagement with Life

Are you ready? 

If you're tired of a steady diet of frustration, negative feelings and low confidence, we're ready to help!

  • We’ll guide you in releasing old limits, negative beliefs and fears.
  • We’ll help you identify (and allow) the wonders of your body and anchor its value.
  • Clarify self-care and release the brakes to implementing simple things that help your body feel better and more loved.
  • Move through the world in a more connected and present way to give charisma and confidence.

Join Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli, along with their special guest speakers, and start developing a thriving, more confident relationship with your body today.

Get 24/7 access so you can learn at your convenience. Recordings include guided visualization, tapping, meditations, simple exercises, powerful insights and lots of compassion.

Take the parking brake off your confidence and wellbeing and start fostering an authentic and real engagement with you!

You deserve Body Confidence and a New Relationship with Your Body... A New Engagement with Life!

Here's What We'll Cover...


Body Image in the Bedroom - Learn what prevents most people from being real, intimate and deeply connected when getting sexy, and how YOU can remove it... Ever wonder what stops us from feeling that powerful desirability we so often crave? We'll cover it in Body Image in the Bedroom (Hint: It's something that's too often in our heads and not in our partner's eyes!)

Removing the Beliefs that Block Body Care and Appreciation - The beliefs that get in the way of loving our bodies can trap us into treating ourselves badly, too... It's a horrible, self-reinforcing circle!

Common beliefs and self-talk are:

  • They'd say I'm  too selfish/proud.
  • My body (I) don't deserve it.
  • They'll come after me.
  • If I look good- I might be attacked.
  • It will be too hard to take care of my body.
  • I don't have time.

Learn how you can free yourself of these limiting beliefs so you can let the self-love (and confidence) flow back into your life. Your body, mind, and heart will thank you! 

If I Take of My Body I'll Have All These Feelings - In this call, we'll deal with A HUGE (and often subconscious) block for many people.

In many of our bodies...

  • There's a lot of pain!
  • Trauma in the body can be louder when we don't drown it out with hunger, neglect, too much food, tiredness and the like.
  • Touch can evoke feelings too, whether it's from yourself or others.

Learn simple, powerful ways to approach living a life where you don't let your fear of feeling keep you from living.

Why Bother - It's a legitimate question sometimes, right? However, you'll be surprised how easy it can be to flip the question to mean something positive, something to live FOR!

Limiting reasons that turn "Why bother?" into a negative question... 

  • If I try, I'll just be disappointed anyway.
  • I can't handle it!
  • My body doesn't look good (or is just going to get worse), so why care for it in the first place- fat, scars, wrinkles, aging?
  • My body is too awkward.
  • My body is too unattractive.
  • I won't meet their standards!

 Unlock all the various perspectives that will inspire you with positive reasons of why you are worth it, of why you should bother! The world needs you. 

I'm Too Fat to Care About My Body - I'm always amazed at how many people this impacts... Even people most of us would consider slender or conventionally beautiful are plagued by this. We are not alone. And we are NOT powerless.

Join us as we dig in together and begin erasing years of brainwashing and shame, and replace it with love, appreciation and healthy self-care.

I'm Too Old To Care About My Body - It doesn't matter if we are 8 or 80, our bodies are changing and it can feel overwhelming! Learn to identify and then release the conscious and subconscious fears about how our bodies should age. In doing so, you'll have the power to enter into a dance with yourself that will bring vitality instead of stress, laughter instead of worry, and aliveness instead of dread!

Everyone is Judging Me! - The truth is, everyone judges everyone else. All the time. We just expect that it's negative, and our primitive brain reacts to fears of being alone and isolated.

Topics we'll address to defuse the judgment bomb include:

  • Negative changes in the body and how to release them
  • Comparison of my body to other's (especially in regards to the media)
  • The "They'll laugh at me!" fallacy
  • Ridicule and putdowns
  • Judgement
  • Status
  • The "They'll judge my partner" trap

Body in Motion - All too often body image is discussed in stasis, as a monolith that can't be budged. Yet, even when we're asleep, our body is alive and moving. The truth is, it's our body in motion that allows us to interact with the world. Mindful, loving movement is one of the secret keys to body confidence. 

Join us as we uncover how understanding the freeze response can empower those of us with "small t" and "big T" trauma in our lives, and how movement, breathe, and sound can help us process energy, remove blocks, and embrace a new, vibrant access on life. This isn't about forced exercise but a deeper understanding of the fears we have that keep us still, freeze our bodies, and trap our vitality where they are.

Topics include:

  • I need to move more!
  • I don't like exercising! 
  • Movement to process stuck energies
  • People who shift a lot of emotions need to move their body more.
  • The freeze response and other blocks.

Self-touch and Presence with the Body - There's a misconception in society that goes something like "when I love myself more, I'll enjoy my body more," however, that's not actually true. How we touch and care for our bodies is actually sending your subconscious self powerful messages. From the brushing of your hair and teeth, the scratching of an itch, even the way you put on clothing... It all sends feedback to the brain/body system that is each of us telling us how safe, valued and cared for we are. Join us as we unveil what messages you're sending your body and how you can send more love and safety your way while enjoying the glorious being that you are even more!

BONUS CALL: Self-pleasure and Appreciation in the Bedroom - Rarely do people talk about masturbation and body image... Even rarer is how we talk about our body to ourselves during self-pleasure. But just because no one talks about it doesn't mean it doesn't have a HUGE effect. In this bonus call, we'll take everything thing that we've learned about shame, body confidence, and sensation and unlock how it applies to sex.

During sex, (solo or partnered) our brains are swamped with chemicals and hormones. What would it be like to have all those feel-good chemicals and sensations floating on top of a foundation of confidence and self-love? What would you change if you could? (Because you actually can!) And learn how to send yourself more empowering messages to associate with pleasure and turn on.  

Here's What Else We'll Cover...

Videos Included in Program:

  • Tapping on Eating Better
  • Tapping on Cutting Cravings
  • Tapping on Drinking more Water
  • Tapping on Making Time for Sleep
  • Tapping on Making Time for Play
  • Tapping on Making Time for Social
  • Tapping on Appreciation
  • Practical steps for Moving Forward
  • Allowing Movement

Your Guides

Rick Wilkes
and Cathy Vartuli have been working together to inspire and enrich people’s lives since 2007.  A unique blend of science, intuition, and experience, they create a powerful, practical and effective approaches to the problems many people would never release.

Cathy is a PhD Engineer and Research Scientist turned Emotional Freedom Coach, a best-selling author, and has taught and presented internationally on relationship skills, body image, trauma release, and sexuality.

She knows the struggles people can have with old traumas and body image, social awkwardness and shyness. After 14 years of not dating because she thought she was too fat and too traumatized, she decided to start living her life now… rather than waiting until someday.

Rick leveraged his B.S. in Computer Science to run a major online health service called Health Notes, and when the pressure from that caused health problems, he studied meditation, massage, bodywork and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

He was able to transform his health and his wellbeing and help his clients discover a new connection with their bodies and emotions. Rick was one of 4 coaches featured in the documentary The Tapping Solution and is a regular in the Tapping Solution World Summit.

Using their research skills they studied everything she could find that would let “regular” people (the non-extroverted, non-models) have authentic and powerful lives and connections. And they tested out their theories in real life, on themselves and with their clients, to develop approaches that worked for the hurt, the shy, and the awkward.

They have worked with thousands of clients from 72 countries, has presented at national conferences, numerous summits, podcasts and radio shows. As certified Cuddle Party Facilitators, they help people understand and create the boundaries that allow intimacy.  Cathy’s been seen on Netflix' Bill Nye Saves The World  talking about consent and Cuddle Parties.

They have over 22 programs helping people somatically and emotionally release limiting beliefs, old hurts and self-sabotage to create relationships that are warm, fulfilling and passionate, and lives that are financially and emotionally rich.

They are working on their next book, Breaking Out Of Your Shell, to be released Spring 2018.

Look Who Else Will Be Joining Us!

Robin Wilson-Beattie is a disability and sexuality health educator and writer. She is a member of the Association of American Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists, the Women of Color Sexual Health Network,  and a certified member of the San Francisco Sexuality Information Training.

Jimanekia Eborn is a sex educator with a decade of experience in mental health work. Her focus within sexual education is teaching adolescents sexual education via More than Sex- ED and through private classes, consultations media appearances and more. She’s also the Director of Education for a nonprofit called More Than “NO.” 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find the course doesn't excite and inspire you, let us know within 30 days and we'll happily refund 100% of your purchase price. (If its possible to hyperlink the "let us know" with [email protected], great, if not, if you could put it at the end of the sentence?)

P.S. Please don't spend another day, month, year (or lifetime) in conflict and criticism of your body. That inner noise isn't sexy, it isn't empowering or healthy, and you and your body deserve better. The world needs you, whole and loving and aligned with yourself... enjoying your experiences, your connections, and role modeling that humans are wonderful valuable and lovable, even if you don't look like the cover of Cosmo. 

P.P.S. If you think you'll have better Body Image and Confidence later, when you're body looks or feels better... Ask yourself if you would expect a houseplant to thrive and bloom if you took away water, sun, and yelled at it all the time? Most of us treat our bodies that way, and wonder why our bodies are stressed, sick, and struggle. Start loving you where you are, and then see your body bloom! 



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