Self-Love Game: Playful Changes Program

Get everything you need to win at loving yourself! Get the worksheet and an audio guiding you through how to use it to create a fun game to improve your sense of self-love and self-care, AND 5 additional audios helping you overcome fears and blocks to feeling amazing so that you feel fulfilled and have more to share with your family, care

Do you know how to love yourself?

All too often, I see books, articles, speakers refer to loving yourself more as the cure-all for almost anything. (You've probably heard or seen them... Lack romantic love? Love yourself first. Drinking/Eating/Spending more than you want? Love yourself. Want more confidence? Love yourself more!)

And yet, it's rare that anyone tells us HOW to do that.

So we're doing something about it! And setting it up so it's personalized just for you!

- It's playful and fun.
- It's easy.
- You get to anchor changes you want to create in your life in a low pressure way.
- AND you get to help others by role modeling and encouraging them... And by sharing what comes up for you as you go.

Spend 6 fun and engaging weeks with us, where you can play and practice your self-care and learn to love yourself in powerful ways.

You even get to choose the way you apply this! It can be around physical and emotional self-care, around financial empowerment, romantic love, clearing clutter, self-confidence... You name it!

We include a worksheet to help you tune in and track your progress, a Facebook group to share your success and questions, and a series of calls to help you fine tune and hit it out of the park!

We invite you to come, bring friends, family, co-workers and anyone you think would like a nice boost of self-love and empowerment this summer.

Why? Because you matter to us. And we want to be surrounded with amazing people like you who are glowing with love and feeling their power, and encouraging each other to be the most wonderful selves they can be. Lets create the team of people we want to be part of! :)

Be prepared to love yourself deeply, and discover your better self! And the things that leave you feeling fulfilled, loved and empowered!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find the course doesn't excite and inspire you, let us know within 30 days and we'll happily refund 100% of your purchase price. (If its possible to hyperlink the "let us know" with [email protected], great, if not, if you could put it at the end of the sentence?)

P.S. Feel free to invite friends, family, co-workers and anyone you care about to join you... using this link so they'll get their own playsheet, and an introduction to the self-love game

Your Guides

Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli have been working together to inspire and enrich people’s lives since 2007.  A unique blend of science, intuition, and experience, they create a powerful, practical and effective approaches to the problems many people would never release.

Cathy is a PhD Engineer and Research Scientist turned Emotional Freedom Coach, a best-selling author, and has taught and presented internationally on relationship skills, body image, trauma release, and sexuality.

She knows the struggles people can have with old traumas and body image, social awkwardness and shyness. After 14 years of not dating because she thought she was too fat and too traumatized, she decided to start living her life now… rather than waiting until someday.

Rick leveraged his B.S. in Computer Science to run a major online health service called Health Notes, and when the pressure from that caused health problems, he studied meditation, massage, bodywork and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

He was able to transform his health and his wellbeing and help his clients discover a new connection with their bodies and emotions. Rick was one of 4 coaches featured in the documentary The Tapping Solution and is a regular in the Tapping Solution World Summit.

Using their research skills they studied everything she could find that would let “regular” people (the non-extroverted, non-models) have authentic and powerful lives and connections. And they tested out their theories in real life, on themselves and with their clients, to develop approaches that worked for the hurt, the shy, and the awkward.

They have worked with thousands of clients from 72 countries, has presented at national conferences, numerous summits, podcasts and radio shows. As certified Cuddle Party Facilitators, they help people understand and create the boundaries that allow intimacy.  Cathy’s been seen on Netflix' Bill Nye Saves The World  talking about consent and Cuddle Parties.

They have over 22 programs helping people somatically and emotionally release limiting beliefs, old hurts and self-sabotage to create relationships that are warm, fulfilling and passionate, and lives that are financially and emotionally rich.


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